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Share Help Center is open 24/7 and is just a few clicks away

Posted by Debbora Woods on 5/19/15 9:00 AM


Guest bloggers: Kathe Craig, Sr. Manager of Self Service Assets, and Jennifer Gray, Community Support Manager - Schoolwires Technical Communications


It’s a Sunday evening and you’re adding the details of an upcoming class project to your K-12 website. You have a vision for how to arrange the content on the page but you can’t decide which app to use. During the school day you would have a few options for seeking help. What can you do now? The answer is just a few clicks away.


The Help Center on Schoolwires Community & Support Network (Share) is designed to guide you to the information you need 24/7. Share’s easy-to-use search function is available to you from desktop and mobile devices to help you locate written and video materials.


We know teachers don’t work a 9-5 schedule so Share is here for you when you need help. Here are some materials you’ll discover in the Share Help Center.

  • APPs Showroom—Apps are your content building blocks. Each app is designed to display in a way that is consistent with the type of content contained within the app. Use this as a guide to harness the power and flexibility of apps as you design pages to display your content.
  • APPetizers—APPetizers are a fun way to learn about Schoolwires Apps. Each APPetizer highlights a Schoolwires App. It includes ingredients, directions and flavor enhancers you’ll use to serve up pages that visitors will drool over. The APPetizer even shows what the app looks like on a page.



As you explore Share, you will discover a wealth of resources to help you build K-12 webpages rich with content designed to drive engagement.

  • Share Tour—Take a brief tour of Share to learn how to access the information you need.
  • Help Center—Use this go-to location for help materials and resources to guide you as you create your web pages.
  • User Groups—Find out how User Groups allow you to join with other clients to learn and collaborate.
  • Training—Understand more about resources and services offered by the Training Team.
  • Creative—Appreciate the value of great design through the services provided by our Creative Team.
  • Join the Conversation—Connect and collaborate. Locate the channels of communication that are the best fit for you.
  • Suggestions and Ideas—Share feedback, suggestions and ideas on what we should build next with UserVoice®.

Share is designed to provide you with the support you need to meet your goals. We partner with you to drive engagement in your classroom, with your parents and within your community. From User Groups to UserVoice we are sure you will find something that is just right for you.


Share the good word! Encourage your colleagues to take advantage of the growing resources and community. Visit by clicking the Community & Support link at the top of your Site Manager window or go to http://help.schoolwires.com.


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