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Georgetown ISD turns a password problem into a single sign-on solution

Posted by Debbora Woods on 4/27/15 9:00 AM


Georgetown ISD (TX) was facing some challenges with third party systems, usernames, and passwords. For nearly 11,000 students, the district’s IT staff was looking at over 121,000 third-party student accounts. How would they make it easier for younger elementary students to use the systems? And how could they ensure students and teachers were aware of and using they systems?


Read their great success story to discover...


Their challenges:

  • 17 instructional technology systems with unique login requirements
  • Concerned about online safety and security of students
  • Needed to ensure parents, students, and teachers could access systems from computers away from schools

The Schoolwires solution:

  • PassKey Manager single sign-on

Fantastic results:

  • Adoption of programs and systems has increased, providing the district a good ROI
  • Students are becoming responsible digital citizens and researchers
  • Happy parents, students, and teachers

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Don't miss these free PD events!

Posted by Debbora Woods on 4/9/15 9:00 AM


We're excited to be launching our "Lunch 'N Learn" semimonthly webinar series this month! These free PD events are designed for our Centricity2 clients where we'll provide quick tips and tricks for using the tools and functionality provided in your website platform. So, grab your lunch and join us for 20 minutes to learn some fun stuff!


Upcoming Lunch 'N Learn events...


April 15 at 1:00 pm EDT - "Mastering the Minibase" Register Today>>

The minibase is a fantastic tool you can use to store and display many varieties of information on your website, from a searchable directory to an organized table or list of information. We'll show you how to do some cool things and showcase a couple great client sites creatively using minibases: Houston ISD (TX) and District 49 (CO)


April 29 at 1:00 pm EDT - "Alerting Your Allies" Register Here>>

E-Alerts are messages sent to parents and community members by a district or school. There are two types of E-Alerts: Broadcast and Content. Are you using them effectively to increase communication and support across your district? We'll show you how and showcase Barrington 220 (IL) broadcast e-alert newsletters.


Do you have other  Centricity2 features you'd like for us to cover? Let us know by replying below. Thanks, and we'll see you soon!

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When K-12 website outsourcing really means webmaster empowerment

Posted by Debbora Woods on 3/17/15 9:00 AM


K-12 district webmasters lead a busy intersection of information that serves a cross-section of important needs: school board minutes and superintendent messages, weather and emergency alerts, school calendars and lunch menus for families, and information for prospective community members. Your audience is a populace of parents, students, education advocates, and educators alike who are savvy and expect to be informed.

If you ask any parent, the information at their fingertips is the most valuable information on the planet. How can you not only maintain and keep pace with the growing workload demands, but also lead the branding and voice of your community?

Check out our new article hot off the press: When website outsourcing really means webmaster empowerment.

You will discover:

  • Using CMS tools and functionality to share responsibilities of content publishing and editing
  • Catering to your needs, such as website design, implementation, hosting, staff training, and mobile communications
  • Delivering reliable solutions that allow you to share real-time, credible information with your K-12 community
  • And much more!

Download your copy today!

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The digital classroom: Your answer to snow days and student extended absences

Posted by Debbora Woods on 3/10/15 9:00 AM


Snow may be blanketing the streets. Buses may be unable to travel. School is closed for snow days.

Or, you may have a student who has to take an extended absence due to illness.

When school is closed, there is one thing that will still work for you: eLearning in the digital classroom.

Learn about Pascack Valley Regional High School District's (NJ) success with implementing digital classrooms to enhance education in the district.

Download the article today!

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Communications mix meets K-12 parents' expectations for information 'here and now'

Posted by Debbora Woods on 9/25/14 9:30 AM


Today’s digital parents have a common expectation. “It’s all about getting communications here and now. We’ve evolved from a culture of being patient to one of expecting information to reach us where we are right now and when we need it,” said Steven Anderson, former director of instructional technology at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

However, the form of K-12 communications that parents want is varied. Some parents prefer videos; others gravitate to article postings, and others opt in for automated phone or text messages. That’s why Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools uses the many digital tools within its Schoolwires® Centricity2™ website and CMS to communicate with parents and engage them more in their child’s education. These include:

  • Teacher Web pages – every one of the district’s 4,000 teachers has a Web page to give parents a look inside the classroom walls.
  • District website – provides access to a broad range of information and resources to deepen parents’ understanding of school and district challenges and successes, and demonstrates transparency
  • Mobile access –the Schoolwires Web app lets parents view information and resources on the district website from their smartphones

“Winston-Salem/Forsyth county schools delivers information in different formats to meet the preferences of its large and varied parent base. We live in an information consumption culture, and the Schoolwires platform makes it easy for us to deliver information in a way that meets the expectations of our digital parents" – Steven Anderson

Read the entire article to learn the details of their success.

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Whip up a party on your teacher web pages with APPetizers

Posted by Debbora Woods on 8/12/14 9:00 AM


I can't believe we're already focusing on back-to-school events for the new 2014-15 school year! Where did the summer fly so fast?

As teachers are getting their Centricity2 teacher website content updated for parents and students, our self-service resources team has been providing fantastic information in an exciting new format called "APPetizers." Tips, ideas, and best practices are laid out in fun recipe cards that give teachers step-by-step instructions to make their Web pages shine with that "WOW!" factor. And, they provide screen shots so teachers know what the final product should look like.

Here's the latest post you can find on our Share Site:

Do you find your page content stewing in the same old apps? Are you fricasseeing your visitors’ minds with way too much content in a single app? Are your tables too flaky? Not sure what to do? No worries—we can help you render amazing pages with Schoolwires APPetizers! Each APPetizer highlights a Schoolwires app. It includes ingredients, directions and flavor enhancers you’ll use to serve up pages that visitors will drool over!

This week we are featuring the "About Teacher," "Heading," "Content," and "Image" apps. Want to make those teacher Web pages shine? Click here to read more >>

New APPetizers are provided every few weeks. Be sure to visit the Bon APPetit Gallery for previously featured ones!

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