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Creating K-12 engagement gold by getting social on all fronts

Posted by Debbora Woods on 3/5/15 9:00 AM


When Deidra Powell, Chief Communications Officer of Santa Ana Unified School District (CA), arrived at the K-12 district in 2012, she immediately noticed an unkempt website, very little electronic communications, no social media presence, and not even informational brochures. She was told by staff that the district had a poor relationship with local media - they viewed it as a "problem district" and gave it negative coverage.

According to Deidra, "People were unaware of the great stories within the walls of our schools."

How would the district make a comeback?

Well, we've got their amazing story! And here's just a few of the great results they're realizing:

  • 80 media partners
  • 200 business partners
  • 2,500+ Facebook fans
  • 660+ Twitter followers
  • 5,000+ parents attending meetings about student success

Want more family engagement in your district? Discover the communications and public relations strategies, tactics, and relationships that turned Santa Ana USD around in their brand new success story -- it's hot off the press and a copy is waiting for you!

Download Santa Ana's story today!

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Free webinar: What's this #K12ROC you've been hearing about?

Posted by Debbora Woods on 1/13/15 9:00 AM


Join us for the next Parent Involvement & Community Engagement in K-12 webinar...

Roadmap to Optimizing K-12 Communities: Achieve Superior Engagement for Your District

Wednesday, January 21 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Given the link between learning outcome success and family engagement, every K-12 district is on a journey toward optimizing its school-to-home communications. In this webinar, Marc Rubner, VP of Marketing at Schoolwires, will present Schoolwires' Roadmap to Optimizing Communities (K12ROC).

The session is designed for K-12 district and school leaders involved in improving and maximizing family engagement and community outreach through programs, initiatives, and technology. Join this interactive event to identify your own district's place on the roadmap and receive guidance in determining your path to optimizing engagement in your K-12 community. Together, we will explore:

  • The five levels of community engagement
  • The roadblocks that districts typically face at each level
  • The journey that districts take through each level
  • Tools to help districts determine where they land on the ROC grid
  • Next steps to take to advance on your ROC journey 

After the presentation, Marc will field questions from attendees.

Don't miss this informative event! Register Today>>

P.S. Want to learn how Schoolwires can help drive family engagement and community outreach in your K-12 school district?  Explore our articles and videos to discover more!

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Free webinar! Why design matters for K-12 community engagement

Posted by Debbora Woods on 12/5/14 9:00 AM


Join us for the next parent involvement & community engagement in K-12 webinar...

Why design matters: How a well-designed website can increase K-12 community engagement

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 at 4:00 pm Eastern

You might be surprised by how much the look and design of a district website impacts communication and K-12 community engagement. But it does!

In this webinar, you will learn from seasoned, professional website designers about how design solves communication challenges and why it is a critical factor for increasing your community's engagement.

Our three guest speakers will explain why design is an essential aspect in creating a great user experience that keeps your K-12 community coming back to your websites. And you will gain a better understanding of what makes for "good" website design. Deeper than trends, taste, and aesthetics, design involves a whole process of objective thinking and problem solving as a basis for creating something beautiful, functional, and interactive.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Principles of design
  • The design process
  • Best practices in design
  • Benefits of good design
  • How a well-designed website can increase community engagement

At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to ask questions.

Don't miss this event - Register Today >>

P.S. Discover more about family engagement and community outreach for your K-12 school district. Explore our articles and videos today!

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Free webinar with Superintendent Paul Ryan of Three Way ISD (TX)

Posted by Debbora Woods on 11/4/14 9:00 AM


Join us for the next Parent Involvement & Community Engagement in K-12 webinar...

Improving Family & Community Engagement: Lessons Learned from a First-Year Superintendent

Tuesday, November 11 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Superintendent Ryan joined Three Way ISD a year ago. He was faced with challenges such as an Average Daily Attendance level that was putting the district in danger of losing state funding, a perception from nearby communities that the district was dying, and the loss of students because parents were told the district was cutting sports.

In our edWeb community's next webinar, Paul will be sharing the details of these challenges, the plans he put in place to address them, and the goals he had for the 2013/14 school year for improving family and community engagement in his district. After his first year as Superintendent, Paul has some exciting results to share about:

  • Increased student enrollment
  • Improved student achievement
  • Implemented extracurricular programs
  • How they share the good news across the district

He will also share tips on how to use district, school, and teacher websites to improve student learning and increase community involvement. You will be able to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

Don't miss this informative event! Register Today>>

P.S. Want to learn how Schoolwires can help drive family and community engagement in your K-12 school district? Explore our articles and videos to discover more!

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Congratulations, you've got competition. Five ways to win in the new competitive K-12 environment.

Posted by Marc Rubner on 10/23/14 9:20 AM


Guest Blogger: Marc Rubner, VP of Marketing, Schoolwires

Part 4: Interactive Engagement

New online channels and capabilities, coupled with in-person events, offer K-12 district leaders the opportunity to engage directly with community members in a way that can help define a district’s brand. The more leaders take advantage of and combine these online and in-person opportunities to personalize their communication with community members, the more likely their district’s brand will be identified with coveted brand images like responsive, personal, progressive, and transparent.

Five ways to enable interactive engagement include:

School and District Town Halls: Transparency begins when leaders take the stage and provide district information directly to community members. Transparency and responsiveness are optimized when leaders enable interactive discussions, respond to new ideas, and confront detractors head on, in open forums. This can happen at both the district and school level.

Regular Meetings with Community Influencers: Savvy K-12 district leaders know that brand building can be accelerated through the communicative power of a few highly connected and influential community members. Identifying and meeting with these influencers should be done on a regular basis. These are opportunities to share information and acknowledge new ideas and approaches. Ultimately, this leads to better message control by letting influencers work to build the district brand.

Community Events: Community events don’t have to be restricted to the school level. District leaders should have the opportunity to interact with community members in a casual interpersonal setting that promotes the district’s brand. It also gives district leaders an opportunity to distribute information on district success and progress that might otherwise get lost in increasingly crowded online channels.

Social Media: Interactive engagement doesn’t have to be confined to in-person events. Creating a brand that in recognized as personal, progressive, and responsive can also be done through online channels. Social media is a particularly effective way to increase interpersonal communication. A strong social media presence is one that not only consistently provides content through popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but also responds immediately when community members comment through these channels. These habits build a K-12 district brand by equating it with transparency and responsiveness.

Blogging: Corporate business leaders have begun to embrace blogging as a way to personalize their brand and connect directly with their market. K-12 district leaders have been a bit slower to embrace this medium, but those who have report very positive effects. Blogging is a way to distribute information directly to the community while also allowing the community to engage through comments and discussion threads. It takes the old monthly newsletter to a new level of engagement.

Along with successfully executing these events, a critical key to success is how district leaders promote these initiatives. Utilize all assets including your website, notification system, mobile application, social media channels, local offline advertising channels (newspapers, radio, etc.), and direct marketing lists to drive attendance and build awareness.

By combining online and offline events and initiatives, K-12 leaders can impact their district’s overall brand through interactive engagement. The results will be a broad recognition of your district as responsive, progressive, transparent, and personal.

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Ligonier Valley School District receives 2014 Best of Ligonier award

Posted by Debbora Woods on 10/21/14 9:00 AM


We’re excited to once again showcase the success of one of our client districts, Ligonier Valley School District (PA).

According to the press release by the Ligonier Award Program, Ligonier Valley School District has been selected for the 2014 Best of Ligonier Award in the K-12 Schools category. Each year, the Ligonier Award Program identifies companies they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community. Ligonier Valley School District was selected because they enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and their community, making the area a great place to live, work, and play.

Congratulations, Ligonier Valley School District!

Want to learn how Schoolwires can help your K-12 district drive community engagement? Read the complete story

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Free webinar with Dr. Joyce Epstein of Johns Hopkins University

Posted by Debbora Woods on 10/2/14 9:00 AM


Join us for the next Parent Involvement & Community Engagement in K-12 webinar...

Then and Now: Developing Programs of Family and Community Involvement for Student Success

Wednesday, October 8 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Studies show that it is imperative to change from the “old way” of thinking about parental involvement to a “new way” of organizing district leadership and school-based programs of school, family, and community partnerships.

In our edWeb community's next webinar, Dr. Joyce Epstein will share key concepts, essential structures, and expected results of research-based programs of family and community involvement. This interactive session will prepare district leaders to:

  1. Create welcoming schools
  2. Strengthen plans and practices of community involvement
  3. Build knowledge of research on partnership program development
  4. And much more!

You will also gain a common vocabulary, learn about available resources, and be able to ask Dr. Epstein questions at the end of her presentation.

This is an event you don't want to miss -- Register today!

P.S. Want to learn how Schoolwires can help drive parent engagement in your K-12 school district? Explore our articles and videos to discover more!

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K-12 District Website Receives Award from NYSPRA

Posted by Debbora Woods on 9/30/14 9:00 AM


Parent involvement and community engagement are critical to K-12 school districts, especially for their positive effects on student achievement. So when we see districts that focus on improving those areas with technology and programs, we're compelled to share their stories.

And, when we hear about a district that just happens to be a Schoolwires client, then that makes the story even better!

Congratulations to North Tonawanda City School District whose K-12 district website won the "Grabbing Parents' Attention with Web Graphics and News Bites" award. Their use of social media, homepage shortcuts and announcements, graphics, news items, and interesting layouts puts them at the top of the class!

Browse through their website for some great ideas to try on your district and school websites!

Read their story

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Boosting school-to-home communications

Posted by Debbora Woods on 9/4/14 9:00 AM


Last week we sponsored a fantastic webinar with guest speaker Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent of Fremont School District 79 in Illinois. It was titled, “Boosting School-to-Home Communications: Proven Strategies and Tactics.” Based on the level of interaction by our attendees during the live event, this is a hot topic for K-12 districts across the country! Here’s a brief recap of the highlights:

Successful initiatives for boosting school-to-home communications:

  • Summer e-newsletter
  • Meet the Teacher / Back to School night
  • Family Nights focused on reading, science, and technology
  • Partnership events such as Fitness Festival

Tips and tactics:

  • Incorporate student-directed presentations at school board meetings
  • Use your website to showcase student achievement, the learning environment, community engagement, and district finances
  • Incorporate visuals on your website and in social media – people like pictures, video and multimedia
  • Push out positive, student-centric, inspirational stories and photos to the media and on social media sites, such as Facebook
  • Use technology such as a mobile app to personalize and target communications
  • Don’t forget the importance of telephone calls and face-to-face meetings

Best practices:

  • Prioritize projects – urgent, pressing, exploration
  • Include parent education and/or communication in all project plans
  • Recognize achievements of students, teachers, staff
  • Conduct focus groups throughout the year
  • Get involved in community programs and outreach

Important technology to have in place:

  • District, School, and Teacher websites
  • Learning Management System
  • E-blast notification
  • Virtual backpack
  • Social media

Want to dig deeper and explore the details? Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and watch the event for yourself. Trust me, you’ll find some great tips to implement in your district today!

Discover more school-to-home communications best practices with these additional resources:

Article: Teacher and classroom web pages that drive family engagement

Success Story: The key to Noblesville Schools community engagement? Third time’s the charm

Infographic: Building capacity for home/school partnerships at the district, school, and classroom levels

Topics: K-12, School-to-Home Communication, Community Engagement

Free webinar: K-12 strategies for boosting school-to-home connections

Posted by Debbora Woods on 8/21/14 8:28 AM


Join us for the next Parent involvement & community engagement in K-12 webinar!

Wednesday, August 27 at 4:00 pm Eastern Time

Presented by Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent of Fremont School District 79 in Illinois.

In this webinar

Engaging parents and boosting school-to-home communication is a priority in Fremont School District 79. And creating the environment that celebrates collaborative practices is central to the district's vision and promotes home-school connections.

In our edWeb community's next webinar, Dr. Jill Gildea will share how they've implemented best practices in K-12 parent communications for future-ready schools. She will also address the challenges and hurdles to effective parent engagement via communication strategies, as well as juggling the many demands of preparing today's child for tomorrow's world.

Learn about the four strategies Fremont has in place for building their Home/School Partnership:

  1. Implement proactive programs to foster positive interactions with parents.
  2. Offer opportunities to become involved.
  3. Inform parents of classroom management and instructional activities.
  4. Make accommodations to meet the needs of families of diverse backgrounds.

You will also receive tested tips and tactics that work -- that you can use right away! Attendees will be able to ask Dr. Gildea questions and participate in polls during this interactive session.

This is an event you don't want to miss -- Register today!

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Introducing: A better video experience!

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/29/14 9:00 AM


Effective and engaging online school-to-home communications is critical for keeping digital families connected to what’s going on in your district. And, with a variety of website content to share, making visitors always just read a bunch of text can get boring. That’s not the way to keep your website visitors engaged! Excite them with some video content!

This month we’ve introduced the new Schoolwires Premium Video App. It’s a simple and affordable way to add video to your website. And here’s even better news – your videos can be created in any file or format, they can be viewed on any device with the click of a button, and viewers don’t have to install plug-ins to watch! (Does it get any better?)

Our clients are loving it – we’re thrilled with their enthusiasm! But, some of you might be thinking right now, “Why would we want this? I can’t think of too many ways to use it.” Wait! What?! Let me share with you some ideas on how to tell your story…

  • Superintendent, Principal, and Teacher Messages: What a great way to welcome students and parents back to school for the new year! It personalizes the message when they can see your happy faces.
  • Athletic and Extra-Curricular Event Highlights: How many students, parents, and other community members would love to see your football team score the winning touchdown? Or how about showcasing your school choir performing at a standing room only event?
  • Flipped Learning Content: Do your teachers “flip” their classrooms and provide video lecture content online for their students? Wouldn’t it be great to provide that one-stop location on their teacher web pages for students?
  • Highlight Student Achievement: Spotlight your students’ successes. Talk about winning the hearts of families!
  • Share Special Occasions: Do you have teacher of the month awards ceremonies? What about breaking ground for a new school? You don’t want to forget about graduation at the end of the year.
  • Board and PTO Meetings: Parents and involved community members can’t always make it to monthly meetings. Wouldn’t this be a nice touch to provide recorded meetings so they can keep up-to-date?

Recently, we’ve had new customers provide “welcome to our new website” videos on their home pages explaining where visitors can find the information they need. Nice touch! I’m sure there are many more ideas you can think of, now that we’ve got those creative juices flowing.

It really is all about connecting your K-12 community and keeping those communication lines open. So, want to learn more?

Download the Schoolwires Premium Video App information sheet today.

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Product Release: Update your Mobile Communications App

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/22/14 9:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Kristi Gottwalt, Product Marketing Manager

We are very excited about the changes made to the Centricity2 Mobile Communications App. Wondering what’s included in the new release?

Photo Gallery

Add photos to the app or to your website from your mobile device! This update will allow administrators to pin photos to their newsfeed and share galleries while on-the-go. Simple captioning makes it easy to share your story quickly.

Getting Started

Not only is there a new site tour, but users are able to select which schools in your district they want information on regularly. Once selected, those schools can be included in their news feed and in the sidebar to make finding relevant information simple.

MyView Integration

MyView Integration continues to make it easy for parents to get relevant information they need, when they need it!

Download the newest version of the app from the iTunes or Google Play store today! If your district doesn’t have an app, our app can help increase community engagement and make school-to-home communication easy. Also, users with admin rights can update the app and their website right from their mobile device, bringing content management to the palm of their hands.

Learn More

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Don’t quit! Improving K-12 community engagement & communication is possible.

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/17/14 9:00 AM


Ever feel like no matter what you try, you keep hitting a brick wall and can’t seem to get a break? For example, your district has tried to build its own K-12 website in-house in an effort to save money. It works okay for awhile, but then the webmaster that built it leaves the district and no one else understands the coding. So, you try a commercial solution, but the site keeps crashing and the hosting is unreliable. Parents, students, and teachers are frustrated – they can’t find the information they need and school-to-home communication stalls. What do you do next? Do you give up?

Well, you aren’t alone. In the past seven years, Indiana’s Noblesville Schools has tried three different website solutions in an effort to expand their community engagement. They didn’t quit, and their third solution was a charm!

In the past year, Noblesville Schools has realized some exciting results from selecting a Responsive K-12 website in addition to a district mobile app:

  • District home page site traffic averages 120,000 views per month with no stability issues
  • Leery, distrustful staff were quickly won over, and now managing their content is easy
  • Only three support tickets in the past year -- all resolved within the same day
  • Post contract signing experience has been great -- haven't been abandoned by account reps

They've got a great story to tell about their journey, and we're excited to share it with you!

We’ve invited two of their district administrators, Andrew Swickheimer and Michele Turner, to join us for a free webinar where they will share firsthand about their experience finding and implementing a responsive one-stop portal for their district. Their results have been fantastic! Increased website visitors, no hosting or stability issues, happy staff members, and “plugged in” parents, students, and teachers. Does it get any better than that?!

At the end of their presentation, you’ll be able to ask Andy and Michele questions about their own school-to-home communication and community engagement challenges. So, join us on Wednesday, July 23rd at 4:00 pm ET to learn directly from your peers how to find the best community engagement solution for your district.

Register Today!

7/30/14 Update: The webinar was terrific, packed full of helpful information! You can watch it at your convenience here>>

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What we heard at NSPRA 2014

Posted by Bernie Rhinerson on 7/15/14 2:19 PM


By Bernie Rhinerson, Public Education Advocate

The Schoolwires team joined hundreds of public school communicators in Baltimore, Maryland this week for the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Seminar. What did we learn? What was the take away?

We learned that the job of school communications professionals is harder today than ever before. We learned that public education in our country is still misunderstood and sorely in need of more public support.

We learned that school communicators and all of us who are dedicated to public education must come together to tell the positive stories that happen every day in our schools. We learned that we all need to get involved and support national campaigns like Stand Up 4 Public Schools by the National School Boards Association.

We were inspired by the amazing stories being told by schools across the country like the Clovis Unified School District and their Believe video. We were energized by hearing from districts like West Lafayette Community Schools and seeing their national advocacy documentary, Rise Above the Mark.

It was an outstanding experience to spend time with hundreds of professional communicators at NSPRA, professionals dedicated to telling the story of public education. The Schoolwires team is proud to help support the storytelling and the community engagement that will help turn the tide and continue to build support for schools and public education.

CLICK HERE to learn how Schoolwires supports school districts in sharing their success stories.

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How to build the worst K-12 website in 6 easy steps

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/10/14 9:00 AM


Guest bloggers: Chris Buecksler, Cari Rhoades, and Kristi Gottwalt

Our Marketing Operations Team got together to brainstorm for this post, and we feel it’s a pretty great list! Enjoy…

  1. Make the content on your website hard to find. Bury it if you have to -- everyone loves a challenge! Who doesn't want to spend countless hours searching for updates from the board meeting, finding the school lunch menu, or learning where sporting events are located? Site search, bologna. Why would you want to add site search? It's just going to take the fun out of finding the content you've worked so hard to bury.
  2. Make sure it's hard to update content on it. After all, the fewer people in your district that know how to make changes, the more job security for you!
  3. Absolutely do not pay attention to enhancements that surrounding districts, charter schools, private schools, or online academies are making to their websites. It’s not like you are competing with them for anything.
  4. Just have one person update your whole district's content. Nothing builds character like going it on your own, and your website visitors will hardly notice the lack of updates or frustrating user experience.
  5. Don’t consider mobile users. Assume everyone will be viewing your site from a desktop computer. If by chance someone stops by your site from their phone or tablet, they’ll still be able to find what they need -- eventually. Even if more than 60% of Americans own a smart phone, and smart phone traffic is expected to grow by 50% in 2014, it’s probably just a fad. No need to worry about that!
  6. Ignore your audience. This is YOUR website. Make sure you only post about what you care about. If you are interested in the arts, focus on that! Make sure you keep everyone up-to-date on the latest performances and exhibits. Who really cares about student achievement, outstanding teachers, curriculum updates, or athletic events?

Okay, let's not really go to those extremes! We want to ensure your K-12 district and school websites are informing and engaging your stakeholders with content that's easy to find, when they need it. So, we asked some of our clients to give us tips to help your K-12 community tap into the vast potential of your district's website.

Download Your Copy

P.S. If you're attending the CGCS Annual Public Relations Executives Meeting this weekend, check out the Schoolwires-sponsored Closing Keynote on 7/13 at 10:00 AM with Ann Handley of MarketingProfs. Get a copy of "Content Rules" and meet Ann at her book signing afterward!

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Mobility Series: Part 3 – Don’t Settle When Choosing Engagement Sol'ns

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/8/14 9:00 AM


This is the final post on our Noblesville Schools story. We definitely saved the best info for last!

So, did they find that perfect mobility package they needed for K-12 community engagement? We can answer with a resounding, YES! The third website and mobile solution was the charm. Here are just a few of the results the district is ecstatic about:

  • They’ve received numerous compliments on their responsive website
  • Site traffic is averaging nearly 120,000 views per month on the main page – with no stability issues
  • Staff members whose trust and confidence were lost due to past issues from previous providers love how easy it is to manage their content
  • They can proudly say they are among the first in Indiana to have their own school mobile app available on both Apple and Android devices

Noblesville Schools is coming up on their one-year anniversary with Schoolwires. Teachers are sharing content with parents and students through their teacher pages. Students and parents are downloading the mobile app to stay informed and engaged with their schools and the district. And the community comments about how they love the new solutions and how easy it is to find the information they need, when they need it. It just doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Want to learn more about our “mobility” solutions for your K-12 community? Visit our website today>>

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Mobility series: Part 2 – Why mobility is critical to K-12 engagement

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/3/14 9:00 AM


In the first post of this series, we covered a few of the challenges Noblesville Schools faced with prior website vendors. Today we’re focusing on the engagement features they required to meet the goals set by leadership.

The district’s vision was that the new website would be the main source of information for the students, parents, staff, and community members – to be the portal to all things Noblesville Schools. That meant it must be:

  • Reliable hosting – operating 24/7
  • Mobile-friendly
  • User-friendly for both website visitors and district content editors

And, since Noblesville Schools is an eLearning and 1:1 district, it was critical that the evaluation committees -- which included teachers, parents, and technology personnel -- searched for a solution that would support all of their goals for engaging students, parents, and the community. That meant the new website must be fully accessible on iOS and Android devices.

It was a large order to fill. There had been a lot of disappointment with the last two website solutions. Would there be a solution provider out there that would answer all their questions, meet their requirements, provide personal attention, and offer a total package that would give the best return on investment? Hmmm, we’ll get to that in our next blog post. But, if you’re like me and like to read the last chapter of a book first, go ahead>>

Topics: Mobile Communications App, Community Engagement, Communications

Mobility Series: Part 1 - Challenges On The Journey

Posted by Debbora Woods on 7/1/14 9:00 AM


Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing Andy Swickheimer, Director of Technology, and Michele Turner, Data Integration Manager, from Noblesville Schools in Indiana. We spoke about the importance of “mobility” – not physical movement, but ensuring web content is mobile device "friendly" for K-12 districts.

The district has been on an interesting journey over the past several years searching for the perfect solution for communications and community engagement. They shared with me the challenges they faced with previous websites – maybe some of these sound too familiar to you?

  • Significant downtime with websites often crashing due to traffic volumes
  • Slow hosting because of hardware and server issues
  • Vendor was bought out by another company that no longer supported their website
  • Unable to translate languages to accommodate the diverse demographics of their community
  • >Website content was text-heavy since systems couldn’t house engaging photo content

Their story doesn’t stop here. They also shared the goals Noblesville leadership has to provide a forward-looking communications and community engagement solution to their K-12 students, parents, and staff. Here’s a sneak peek – there was a focus on mobility, especially since they are an eLearning and 1:1 district. Their goals will be covered in our next blog post, so make sure you come back to learn more!

In the meantime, visit our mobile solutions Web page to learn more about our Mobile Communications App and Responsive Web Designs for K-12 school districts.

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