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Leading the Way - New Article from Harvard Graduate School of Education

Posted by Debbora Woods on 2/16/15 11:27 AM


Happy Presidents Day!

Today we are featuring an article - Leading the Way - by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, in which they provide resources that feature some of the policymakers, researchers, and practitioners who have led within the field of family engagement.

"We know that leadership drives education reform," says Harvard Family Research Project Founder and Director Heather Weiss. "It is indispensable in elevating family engagement, which often takes a back seat to changes that happen in the classroom. Given today's concern about opportunity gaps outside school, we also need leaders that provide both equitable access for children and opportunities for family engagement in different learning environments, for example, in after school programs and libraries and museums."

Make sure you take a few moments to read the article and check out the resources that include, but are not limited to:

  • commentaries of several leaders who represent a diversity of perspectives
  • lessons designed to address and overcome nagative judgments about families
  • opportunities for parent-generated solutions

And, if you want to know how your K-12 district is doing in its family engagement and community outreach initiatives, check out our free Community Engagement Assessment >>

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