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It’s official: Schoolwires joins Blackboard

Posted by Chris Crawford on 3/20/15 9:12 AM

061914-headerIn February, we were excited to announce that Schoolwires had signed an agreement to be acquired by Blackboard pending regulatory review and the satisfaction of certain closing conditions. We are pleased to announce that the transaction is complete and Schoolwires has officially united with the Blackboard team.

Both companies are committed to continuing our dedication, hard work and passion for the K-12 school market. Schoolwires’ technologies and team will contribute to Blackboard’s winning K-12 business strategy and overall portfolio of solutions.  Schoolwires will play an ever growing role in Blackboard’s K-12 content and community management strategy moving forward, including getting parents more involved in the learning experience.

Our customers, employees and the K-12 market can look forward to what the future holds as a result of this powerful combination of market leaders. Schoolwires customers will benefit from greater access to integrated solutions for community engagement from a single provider. Schoolwires employees will benefit from expanded career opportunities in a larger, growing company. And, the entire K-12 marketplace wins with a strengthened Blackboard portfolio of solutions for teaching, learning and community engagement.

In the coming weeks, more details about how Schoolwires’ products and services will fit into Blackboard’s larger K-12 solutions and services strategy will be shared. For more information, see the official release.

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A New Chapter

Posted by Ed Marflak on 2/6/15 4:55 PM


For nearly 15 years, it has been my honor and my pleasure to work with hundreds of dedicated Schoolwires employees, industry partners and school leaders to help create an amazing company here in the U.S. and in China. That was just the first chapter in a book we have written together. Our Schoolwires story is about the vision we all shared: to deliver best-of-breed technologies and services that support community engagement and student success.

With our recent announcement that Schoolwires has signed a definitive agreement be acquired by Blackboard, we can all get excited about writing the next chapter in our journey together. We can be excited because Blackboard is committed to invest in Schoolwires’ industry-leading products and services. We can also be excited because the Schoolwires platform is expected to play an important role in Blackboard’s K-12 content and community management strategy moving forward.

Blackboard has a long history and provides a broad range of learning management products and services to U.S. school districts. The company and its new executives, including CEO Jay Bhatt who is a former 6th grade math teacher, are deeply committed to K-12 education and supporting schools in getting parents more involved in the learning experience.

The shared values and innovative sprit of both companies will help us ensure that this next chapter will continue the positive story for our employees and our customers. Our new chapter will certainly build upon the shared vision that Blackboard President Jay Bhatt so clearly stated in his message about this transaction: I believe that the foundation for improving student success in K-12 is to foster an informed and engaged community: the more engaged parents and family members are with the educational process, the better students perform. Websites and mobile apps have become the preferred way for students and parents to access information and for teachers to deliver academic support.”

The next chapter will also build upon the dedication and passion of our people – people who are committed to provide that combination of product innovation and service excellence that has delighted customers for nearly a decade and a half.

Together, we will have even more opportunities to reimagine education with a focus on the learner and their success. And, we can all be proud to know that not only will our technology continue to be supported for our clients, but also that our solutions will be offered to Blackboard clients moving forward. By keeping focused on our shared vision and our commitment to education, we will ensure that this new chapter with Blackboard will be even more exciting and rewarding than the first.

Topics: Company News

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