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Reach your K-12 community where they live: Email

Posted by Jeff Windsor on 10/9/14 9:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Jeff Windsor, Schoolwires Product Specialist

I just finished watching "Getting out the good word on your district" by David Meerman Scott (http://offers.schoolwires.com/realtimepr). I encourage every district public relations officer to watch this, and consider the multi-faceted approach to keeping your K-12 community informed. One important facet of your overall communication strategy should include email - that pioneering digital delivery medium that has endured the test of time and continues to be an effective way to get the good word out.

As Product Specialist for Schoolwires, I have the privilege of working with many school districts across the country as they look for a communications solution. In almost every meeting, I demonstrate how the Broadcast E-Alert feature of Centricity2 - our website and content management system platform - provides the ability for districts to use attractive email newsletters to keep their constituents informed and engaged. The editing tools provided in Centricity2 allow even novice users to create compelling email newsletters with images and graphics, links, and layouts that will display well in all email systems used by your community. Once the layout has been designed, it can be used as a template for future editions of your e-newsletter, making it even easier to provide a consistent brand-reinforcing message. These email newsletters can then be sent out to a variety of groups, from the entire registered user base, to specific groups of users, or even to a list of email addresses entered for this specific publication.

While I can certainly show these features in our Lake Park demonstration site (http://jeffwindsor.lakeparksd.com/newsletter) I always prefer to show client examples. Barrington Community Unit School District 220 located about 35 miles northwest of Chicago has used the Schoolwires Centricity2 Broadcast E-Alert feature to send out a variety of e-newsletters for many years. From their "About Us" tab, their E-Newsletters section (http://www.barrington220.org/Page/12119) features an archive of their District Newsletters - an exact copy of the email newsletter sent out to those who have subscribed to that particular content. Barrington 220 also provides similar archives for two other content areas - Board Newsletters and Superintendent Newsletters. Clicking on those navigational links takes you to the archive of those content collections. There is also a link to a Centricity2 Form that can be used to subscribe to these email newsletters.

As you can see, Barrington 220 has fully embraced the idea that email communications are an integral part of their overall communication strategy. You, too, can easily add this media delivery option to your daily or weekly flow of information as you get out the good word on your district. For more information on Centricity2 Broadcast E-Alerts and how you can start reaching people who live on email, get in touch with us today !

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