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Webinar - Global Community Engagement for K-12 Students: Lessons from Greenleaf

Posted by Debbora Woods on 4/7/15 9:00 AM


Communities can be as small as a family and close friends or as large as the whole world. Children today are inheriting our global world where they can interact and work with people nearly anywhere. In this webinar, learn about the free Greenleaf Program, an online virtual community with students halfway around the world, that will give your students a unique insight into children and culture. Each participating Greenleaf classroom in the U.S. is paired with a classroom in China. The program is entirely free for U.S. teachers and includes bilingual support, the classroom matching service, an online platform, and curriculum.

Presenter Pamela Livingston has interviewed U.S. Greenleaf teachers, synthesized interviews with Chinese teachers, and traveled to Beijing. She will be speaking about why understanding a larger community helps broaden students' perspectives of other people and cultures, and what important and deep lessons are learned when they get to know students in China who are learning along with them.

Join us on Wednesday, April 22, at 4:00 pm EDT for this live, interactive session to find out how you can provide global community engagement for your own K-12 students with the Greenleaf Program. Pamela will field questions from attendees after her presentation.

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Topics: collaborative learning, blended learning, cultural exchange, Greenleaf

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