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What we heard at NSPRA 2014

Posted by Bernie Rhinerson on 7/15/14 2:19 PM


By Bernie Rhinerson, Public Education Advocate

The Schoolwires team joined hundreds of public school communicators in Baltimore, Maryland this week for the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) Seminar. What did we learn? What was the take away?

We learned that the job of school communications professionals is harder today than ever before. We learned that public education in our country is still misunderstood and sorely in need of more public support.

We learned that school communicators and all of us who are dedicated to public education must come together to tell the positive stories that happen every day in our schools. We learned that we all need to get involved and support national campaigns like Stand Up 4 Public Schools by the National School Boards Association.

We were inspired by the amazing stories being told by schools across the country like the Clovis Unified School District and their Believe video. We were energized by hearing from districts like West Lafayette Community Schools and seeing their national advocacy documentary, Rise Above the Mark.

It was an outstanding experience to spend time with hundreds of professional communicators at NSPRA, professionals dedicated to telling the story of public education. The Schoolwires team is proud to help support the storytelling and the community engagement that will help turn the tide and continue to build support for schools and public education.

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Welcome to our new K-12 education blog.

Posted by Chris Crawford on 6/17/14 3:05 PM


Guest Blogger: Chris Crawford, Schoolwires President & CEO

Over the past couple of years, new K-12 education technology content has been added to our corporate website to share market trends, inspire innovative ideas, share how others have turned ideas into reality, and share how their successes could be replicated to address similar challenges a majority of school districts face. And over this past year you may have connected with us in social media through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and edWeb where everyone is encouraged to share helpful resources and engage on a more individual level.

Here’s some more great news… now we are adding this blog to the mix of ways to connect with YOU!

We are so excited to have another channel to be able to focus on information, resources, and content you could use to engage more deeply and broadly with your community—with the ultimate goal of enhancing district and student success.

We invite you to actively collaborate with us by commenting on our posts and providing helpful feedback for your K-12 peers. And, would you like to be a guest blogger? Let us know what expertise you can share.

We are excited to have yet another opportunity to come together to share our collective K-12 leadership knowledge about district and school websites, school-to-home communications, 21st century classrooms, branding and marketing your district, parent engagement, and other key topics in K-12 education.

Email us if you’re interested in becoming a guest blogger.

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