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How 1-to-1 learning using social learning tools can further educational goals

Posted by Pamela Livingston on 11/13/14 9:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Pamela Livingston, Schoolwires Sr. Product Manager

1-to-1 learning, described as providing a device (laptop, tablet, phone) to every student in a classroom, began in K-12 schools in 1990 in Australia. Since then, many implementations have occurred around the world. Combining 1-to-1 with social learning, which holds a pivotal role in education throughout the globe, results in a powerful force for K-12 schools today.

We know from research that learning needs to address social, cultural, and historical realities. Additionally, research indicates that when students discuss a topic, they understand the concept more deeply and the learning can stay with them longer. Learning socially is even more important today when we are connected to so many people and places within our own country and internationally. Taking this learning with you with 1-to-1 means the constraints of time and place disappear.

Social learning for students can help them develop the skills needed for their future academic and work lives. It helps students develop confidence, improves communication, and helps them understand interactions with others. Being aware of social media - and its possibilities - enriches and expands the classroom. When students can practice social learning in the safe, protected realm of the classroom, with the guidance of their teachers, they can learn the important skills of discussion and participation using practices effective not just for that classroom experience, but for future academic and career communication in other areas of their lives.

I’m honored to be a speaker at the upcoming SAGE iSummit 2014, November 21-23, at RDFZ XISHAN SCHOOL in Beijing, China. I will share examples of 1-to-1 learning, safe social learning, and social media that can be effective in today’s digital age, for today’s 1-to-1 digital schools. This will include highlighting our Schoolwires Greenleaf Program for global cultural exchanges. I look forward to representing Schoolwires as I convene with global educators and industry experts from Denmark, Finland, Singapore, and the United States, as well as Greater China educators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Jiangzi, and other regions. We will collaboratively work to forge an even brighter future for education.

You can learn more about the SAGE iSummit 2014 here>>

To learn how Schoolwires supports social learning in K-12 classrooms, Read The White Paper Creating a safe social learning environment to improve student success

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