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Article: What a Lesson Plan for Parent Engagement Looks Like

Posted by Debbora Woods on 1/27/15 9:00 AM


I just read a great article from Education Week Teacher called "What a Lesson Plan for Parent Engagement Looks Like." It's a real-life story from teacher Megan Allen and she provides some good engagement strategies, such as:

  1. Talk about family engagement. Teachers must spend time exploring how to include families as partners in student learning.
  2. Set the tone. Good teacher-family communication is quick, effective, and consistent.
  3. Make it part of the lesson plan. For example, will students be performing a task that parents can capture with a smartphone or iPad? Teachers can collect photos over time and display them at a conference night.

This article also provides links to a podcast and a 5-part blog on how K-12 teachers can communicate effectively with parents. Check it all out here >>

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