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Homework assignment for you...sharing stories

Posted by Chris Buecksler on 8/14/14 9:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Christopher Buecksler, Schoolwires Director of Marketing Operations

Anyone who has ever had their written work edited has gotten the feedback: "Don't use three words when one will do." Easier said than done, right? Most times when we have an idea or thought we want to explain it in a way that everyone understands it. And, we tend to use more words than necessary trying to get our point across.

Last year, I had the good fortune to attend the MarketingProfs annual conference and was struck by one of the keynote presenters. Larry Smith presented on SixWordMemoirs.com, a method of writing about a topic and sharing stories using six words -- no more, no less. It's a fascinating exercise to force oneself to be not only concise, but very selective with the words chosen to tell the story.

So, I challenge you to employ this practice to tell the following story: In six words, tell us how your K-12 district website and/or school websites positively impact your K-12 community. Leave your six-word responses in the comments below. Visit the SixWordMemoirs website for inspiration, and check out why - in six words - we at Schoolwires do what we do:

  • Inspiring school districts to connect better
  • Driving better school to home connections
  • Engaging community better; higher student achievement
  • Supporting different K-12 connections; driving results
  • Achieving better parent engagement with websites
  • Driving inspired parent engagement, improved communication
  • Engaging community better so students succeed
  • Engaging K-12 community better; student thrive
  • Engaging parents differently so students achieve
  • Helping students achieve through community engagement

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