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Share Help Center is open 24/7 and is just a few clicks away

Posted by Debbora Woods on 5/19/15 9:00 AM


Guest bloggers: Kathe Craig, Sr. Manager of Self Service Assets, and Jennifer Gray, Community Support Manager - Schoolwires Technical Communications


It’s a Sunday evening and you’re adding the details of an upcoming class project to your K-12 website. You have a vision for how to arrange the content on the page but you can’t decide which app to use. During the school day you would have a few options for seeking help. What can you do now? The answer is just a few clicks away.


The Help Center on Schoolwires Community & Support Network (Share) is designed to guide you to the information you need 24/7. Share’s easy-to-use search function is available to you from desktop and mobile devices to help you locate written and video materials.


We know teachers don’t work a 9-5 schedule so Share is here for you when you need help. Here are some materials you’ll discover in the Share Help Center.

  • APPs Showroom—Apps are your content building blocks. Each app is designed to display in a way that is consistent with the type of content contained within the app. Use this as a guide to harness the power and flexibility of apps as you design pages to display your content.
  • APPetizers—APPetizers are a fun way to learn about Schoolwires Apps. Each APPetizer highlights a Schoolwires App. It includes ingredients, directions and flavor enhancers you’ll use to serve up pages that visitors will drool over. The APPetizer even shows what the app looks like on a page.



As you explore Share, you will discover a wealth of resources to help you build K-12 webpages rich with content designed to drive engagement.

  • Share Tour—Take a brief tour of Share to learn how to access the information you need.
  • Help Center—Use this go-to location for help materials and resources to guide you as you create your web pages.
  • User Groups—Find out how User Groups allow you to join with other clients to learn and collaborate.
  • Training—Understand more about resources and services offered by the Training Team.
  • Creative—Appreciate the value of great design through the services provided by our Creative Team.
  • Join the Conversation—Connect and collaborate. Locate the channels of communication that are the best fit for you.
  • Suggestions and Ideas—Share feedback, suggestions and ideas on what we should build next with UserVoice®.

Share is designed to provide you with the support you need to meet your goals. We partner with you to drive engagement in your classroom, with your parents and within your community. From User Groups to UserVoice we are sure you will find something that is just right for you.


Share the good word! Encourage your colleagues to take advantage of the growing resources and community. Visit by clicking the Community & Support link at the top of your Site Manager window or go to http://help.schoolwires.com.


To learn more about Schoolwires, a Blackboard solution,

visit our website>>

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Schoolwires promises to NOT do these things

Posted by Debbora Woods on 8/19/14 9:00 AM


Last week I was traveling for work. Because I'm a people watcher, the combined 12 hours of flight time and 4 hours of layover time gave me many opportunities to observe behaviors. Out of these observations have come a few behaviors that we here at Schoolwires promise to NOT do when we interact with you.

Observation: A teenager, sitting next to his father on a flight, ordered a coffee as his drink. The flight attendant asked his age, told the father that she didn't approve of him having coffee, then brought the teenager a very watered down version of coffee. Needless to say, she didn't meet her "customer's" expectations.

Our promise: We will not judge your website design ideas nor give you a solution that is not what you asked for! We promise to ask questions, listen to your needs, and design your solution - the way you want it.

Observation: At one airport, I flew into a small terminal on a prop plane. To get to the main terminal to catch my connecting flight I had to walk to a small hallway between gates, travel down to the main floor via an escalator, then catch the shuttle to the main terminal. Small signs were poorly placed. And the rope barricades to manage people traffic to the various shuttles had lines of people criss-crossing in front of each other. To add insult to mass confusion, the staff who were supposed to be helping just pointed and yelled at us to stay in line. Unfortunately, people ended up in wrong lines, were put on the wrong shuttles, and there was a very unhappy mob.

Our promise: We will not leave you stranded and wondering what to do next! From our consultative sales approach, to implementation, to training, and staff onboarding, we promise to communicate regularly, provide step-by-step instructions, be there when you need us, and ensure your staff and community know how to use the solutions you've invested in.

Observation: On one of my flights, an elderly gentleman with limited mobility - one foot was in a cast - and hearing impaired was trying to get assistance. Three flight attendants couldn't understand what he needed and each walked away. A young man approached, knelt down next to him, talked closely in his ear, then listened intently to the gentleman's response. He needed assistance unhooking his seat belt, standing up, and walking down the aisle. The young man assisted, and the gentleman was extremely grateful.

Our promise: We will not ignore your requests for help! If you need assistance with your solutions, we are here 24/7 to help you succeed! We promise that between technical support experts on the phone, to peer user groups, to online self-service resources, you will find the answers you need.

We love the relationships we've built with our clients over the years. And we will continue to strive toward providing the Total Customer Experience that "Wows!" Want to learn more? Visit our website today!

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K-12 website training: Luxury or necessity?

Posted by Debbora Woods on 8/7/14 9:00 AM


Guest Blogger: Dave Thompson, Senior Training Specialist

Too often, training is viewed as a luxury, not a necessity. The question we often hear is, "What if we train our employees and they leave?" And our response is, "what if you don't train your employees and they stay?"

Schoolwires understands all too well the challenges K-12 schools face. In keeping with our mission to connect K-12 communities to the information, services, and people they need, we offer a suite of quality professional development programs designed to equip your content editors with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully manage their websites. Our training programs deliver on the promise of helping your entire school community effectively use their websites to energize learning and foster teacher-parent-student interaction.

Districts that invest in Schoolwires training services report tangible benefits such as increasing user adoption, strengthening their professional development programs, and fostering community engagement. Our high-value, cost-effective programs delivered online, on-site, in-house, or via video conference will equip your staff with the skills need to create engaging web pages.

Here's a brief overview of your training options:

  • Online Training. These 2-hour sessions will provide you with an in-depth working knowledge of individual modules and features.
  • Onsite Training. Delivered at your district location, these intensive sessions include addressing your specific objectives in a customized agenda. It's an open-dialogue type of training where you're provided with fully supervised, experiential learning.
  • In-House Training. We're fortunate to have a state-of-the-art training facility at our corporate headquarters in State College, PA. This is a great option for you if you seek individualized training away from the distractions of your daily work environment.
  • Site Launch Consulting. During this personalized, intensive three-day website transition, our team will work with you to lay the foundation for the structure of your content on your new website. We include the design of page layouts, development of section configurations, structure of information hierarchy, website navigation, and migration of your content from your old website to your new Schoolwires platform.

Offering professional training for your staff is a strategic necessity -- but don't just take our word for it. Check out what our clients have to say:

"I really appreciated our trainer's willingness to work with individuals on their specific problem areas. I drove 2 hours to attend the regional training and it was worth it. I've been to many trainings over the years, and I would rate our trainer in the top 5%. I hope our ESD will bring him back again. I'll be there!"

Omak School District 19 (WA)

"Our trainer did a great job. I felt like he was prepared to answer all of my questions, and he also provided good insights to think about for future design sessions."

Upper Adams School District (PA)

Want to learn more? Check out our Training Web Page>>

And, stay tuned for more training-related blog posts in the future!

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